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I've tracked everything back to a single moment. To an awakening, when we were all gifted sentience and set on whatever path the Higher Powers deemed fit for us. And it all ties to one individual. The first of us to wake up. He wanders the empty expanses of Nevada, awaiting the call. It's only a matter of time until the Machine puts him to use, and I fear that day like no other.
~ Doc's notes about the protagonist.

The protagonist (whose name is up to the player) is a major protagonist of the videogame MADNESS: Project Nexus (also known as Project Nexus 2), serving as the main protagonist of the Arena Mode. He's a Generation 01 Nevadean who also happens to be the first Nevadean ever and the first one to have been shot into the Marshmallow.

His Good Ranking[]

What Makes Him Close to Being Pure Good?[]

  • He's arguably the nicest main character in the entire franchise, which is shown, for example, with him allowing Chef Pava and Bossman (both of whom had tried to kill him) to work for him and both Bossman and Chopper Dave are grateful for having worked with him in the end.
  • While he does kill people, he does so only because he's either following orders or out of self-defense and he doesn't seem to find any joy in such actions.
  • While certain things give the impression he enjoys fighting and killing, it must be noted that these things are linked to some Origins, which are later revealed to be fake identities imprinted into him. As such, it's very likely that these things are the results of each specific Origin changing his personality.
  • In "The Haunting of Nevada House" he stops a cult from summoning dangerous god-like entities.
  • While throughout the game he might look like an anti-hero whose heroic actions depend merely on following his superiors' orders or personal gain, he becomes a full hero when it's revealed that he has to repeat his own story over and over again to avoid Nevada’s destruction. Despite being clear that he doesn't want to do this, he still decides to remain stuck into an infinite time loop for Nevada's sake.

What Prevents Him From Being Pure Good?[]

  • Although the exact number depends on the player, his body count is overall pretty high, making him minor lethal.
  • "The Heist" is probably the least heroic mission he can go through since, while the others usually involve fighting evil factions (like the MERC, the AAHW or Nexus Core for example), this mission involves robbing an innocent bank.

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