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Near Pure Goods from anime.

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Near Pure Goods from cartoons.

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Near Pure Goods from video games.

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Hello and welcome! This wiki is about Near Pure Good heroes. This is a concept that deals with heroes who are exceptionally noble and virtuous. These heroes are considered to almost be absolute good and outstanding for their actions. However, these heroes have notable preventions that make them fail the pure good criteria. These heroes may have notable corrupting qualities that make them less noble. They may also fail to other heroes who saved many people's lives or prevent a catastrophe. Regardless, these heroes are very noble for what they do.

For information on the evil counterpart to this type of hero, visit the Near Pure Evil Wiki.


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Ominitrix Ominitrix 3 days ago

NPG Proposal: Cat-Noir, from Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat-Noir

Hi! Since I kinda ripped off the NPG status of a character last blog, I think I should make a proposal to balance the q…

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Ominitrix Ominitrix 8 days ago

NPG Removal Proposal: Super Girl, from the DC SuperHeroGirls Reboot

I'm gonna be fast. Supergirl is NOT NPG, and here is why.

DC Super Hero Girls is an animated series that focuses in the …

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